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Lessons Learnt by Tobias Janiesch

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While opening up an own web design company and working for a start up I had the possibility to see how companies can evolve over time, how processes are being made and most importantly how things can go wrong.

I maintain an ever growing list of Lessons Learnt in management and process management to help myself to reflect my work and to give others a chance to learn from my knowledge and mistakes.

Please be advised that my writing below is in an alpha state - most of the sentences may sometimes be unfinished notes - also a lot of references are still missing.

Lessons Learnt (alpha state) by Tobias Janiesch (pdf)

Table of Contents:
1 Introduction
2 Background information
 2.1 Start-ups
 2.2 You, yourself and you
3 Getting your organizational culture right
 3.1 Work Environment
 3.2 Bringing change to your organization
4 Getting your talent right
 4.1 Dealing with yourself / Self-Development / Frustration
 4.2 Leadership
   4.2.1 General Leadership
   4.2.2 Giving Feedback
   4.2.3 Dealing with difficult people
   4.2.4 Learning / training staff
 4.3 Recruitment - Hiring / Firing
5 Getting the strategy right
6. Summary - Lessons Learnt




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