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I maintain an ever growing list of good books I recommend for reading and podcasts I have seen.

For a while I just listed them below, but now I keep an up-to-date list in my account of LibraryThing.com - click here (External Link). You can also subscribe to my feed below to be up to date.

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Still working my way through the Top 100 Business books.

Non Ficiton Books (not up-to-date anymore):

Title Author Field
TopGrading - How Leading companies... Smart, B. D. Business
The Empire Ferguson, N. History
Supplying War Creveld, M. History
Winning Welch, J. Business
The Intelligent Investor Graham, B. Finance
Common Wealth - Economics for... Sachs, J. Economics
The Trusted Advisor Maister, D. H. Business
Globality - Competing with everyone Sirkin, H. Business
Sway - The Irresistible Pull of Irrational... Brafman, O. HR
A little history of the world Gombrich, E. History
The Ascent of Money Ferguson, N. Finance
The Return of the Depression Economics Krugman, P. Economics
Blue Ocean Strategy Chan Kim, W. Business
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Covey, S. Self-Devlp
96 Great Interview Questions to ask... Falcone, P. Business
Spin-Free Economics - A No-Nonsense... Behravesh, N. Economics
Getting Things Done Allen, D. Self-Devlp
The China Price - The Trust Cost of... Harney, A. Economics
Tipping Point Gladwell, M. Business
The Flat World Friedman, T. Economics
Crucial Conversations - Tools for Talking Patterson, K. Self-Devlp
The first 90 days - Critical Success... Watkins, M. Business
blink - The Power of Thinking without... Gladwell, M. HR
How to Win Friends and Influence People Carnegie, D. HR
The Black Swan Taleb, N. Economics
Making_it_all work Allen, D. Self-Devlp
The Art of Product Management Mironov, R. Business
The E Myth Revisited Gerber, M. Business
Britannica und ich Jacobs, A. J. Non-Fiction
Hotel Babylon   Non-Ficiton
Outliers - The Story of Success Gladwell, M. Non-Fiction
What they teach you at HBS Broughton, P. Non-Fiction
The Economic Naturalist Frank, R. Economics
The Management Gurus Lauer, C. Business
China in Africa Alden, C. Economics
A sense of urgency Kotter, J. Business
Freakonomics   Economics
Bildung - Alles was man wissen muss Schwanitz, D. History
Microtrends: The Small Forces Behind... Penn, M. Economics
The Toyota Way   Business


Name Author Published
HBS Video IdeaCast 26: Leadership... HBS 10/02/09
INSEAD Leadercast n°10: Deep Found... INSEAD 23/07/08
HBS Video IdeaCast: Innovating on a... HBS 06/06/09





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